Lord Jagannath, the God of the Universe, also known as Patita-pavana, is the the only and most magnamous Lord in Kaliyuga, Who grants liberation and devotion to His Seer, performs pastimes, as a human being in Sri Dham Puri. As human being is subjected to death, so does Lord changes his body, which is known as Nabakalebara (viz. acquiring new body). This year, in 2015, Lord is changing His body, after 19 years. GITA is happy to inform, that it has covered/ covering the entire NABAKALEBARA 2015 of Lord Jaganath, starting from 29/3/2015. A three minute promo of the covereage is here for the benefit of complete mankind. The detailed documentary on NABAKALEBARA 2015, will be released before coming Ratha Yatra on 18th July, 2015.